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Replacing and Installing New Doors For Your Home

All things in a home can deteriorate over time, and your doors are no exception. While your doors may not be as big of a statement in your Johnstown house as your prized kitchen or bedroom, they’re the gateways that join our living spaces together – and if they require attention, they might need replacing. 

But door replacement and installation can often be overlooked, and when you decide its time for new ones, it can be a fiddly job. In this guide, we’ll take you through all the signs that you might need new door installation, and how to go about beginning the replacement process.

When Do I Know My Doors Need Replacing?

You may instinctively get a sense that it’s time to replace your doors – but if you’re unsure, there are a few signs that indicate that new door replacement and installation are just around the corner. 

Wear and Tear

The first sign may be the most obvious: your doors are looking tired. We use our doors every day and with that much active use, over time they develop scuffs, chips, and marks. Also, your front door is constantly exposed to the elements, meaning it can wear down quicker.

Our doors make a big visual impact on our Gloversville home, and if they need some care, a door replacement and installation may be the best option.

Drafty Doors

Using our doors daily can wear them down not only aesthetically, but can take a toll on their energy efficiency. Over time, doors can become less capable of insulating or keeping our drafts, meaning that your bills get higher. 


Doors can also warp over time, meaning that gaps and cracks can appear between frames or between the door and the floor. If your doors are feeling drafty, it may be time to replace them. 


Rusty or Loose Hinges

Rust around door hinges is caused by moisture build-up on the metal and can cause creaks, squeaks, and a decline in functionality. This is particularly prevalent in front doors.


Besides, constant use can cause our door hinges to loosen, meaning our doors are less secure and are at risk of falling off. Noticing either of these might mean that a new door installation is the best option in your Broadalbin home. 

Split Panels

With wooden doors, build-ups of varnish, dirt, or wax can prevent it from expanding and contracting with heat, which can then cause them to split. While splits can sometimes be caught when they’re small and replaced, sometimes we notice them too late. 


If your doors are splitting, a full door replacement and installation may be the best way to go. 


How Do I Choose My New Door?

So, you’ve decided you need new doors. The next question is: how do you choose it? Choosing a door will depend on two essential factors, which we’ve detailed below.So, you’ve decided you need new doors. The next question is: how do you choose it? Choosing a door will depend on two essential factors, which we’ve detailed below.  


It may feel like stating the obvious, but it’s true: you want to make sure your new door is the right size! Make sure you measure your old door and the doorframe fully – including its depth – before choosing any new ones. A good contractor in Fonda can help you with this process. 


It’s also vital to think about which material you’ll want to use for your new doors. While hardwood is the typical choice for doors inside your Mayfield home, if you’re replacing your front door you could opt for fiberglass, a composite door made of several materials, or uPVC instead of regular wood. 


Make sure when choosing the door material that the door you’re choosing not only matches your frame and the other doors in your Amsterdam home, but also the aesthetic of your house. Most people opt for an option as close as possible to the original door, to keep in line with the house’s build. 

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Once your new doors have arrived, performing a door installation is a simple job for an experienced contractor. They’ll begin by making sure that the new door fits adequately in the frame, and sanding down any bits that are too wide (if there are any – hopefully not). 

After this, your contractor will fit the hinges to the doorframe and fit the locks and latches onto the door. They’ll then place the door in the frame with the hinges and secure it – and voila! Your new door is installed! 

The process is relatively simple compared to most building work, but if you need a new door frame as well as a door, this may take your contractor longer. 

One thing to be careful of, though, is not attempting to do a door installation yourself, particularly for a front door  – while it may take a professional no time, one false step doing it yourself could mean you’re left without a front door overnight, which is a significant safety risk. 

Instead, save yourself the trouble and talk to our team at 518 Renovations. Our team is highly experienced in door replacement and installation and could help you install your brand new doors quickly and with workmanship that will last. Get in touch today.