• Companies can share knowledge, build vendor relationships and work with prominent Electrical companies to enhance their market spread. 
    • Great exposure in terms of potential customers and business generation. 
    • An ideal platform for business collaborations, deals, Product launches, brand building and more. 
    • Extensive information about advanced Products / reputed manufacturers. 
    • Updated source to the Electrical industry offering everything and anything you need to know about it. 
    • A number of stalls for companies to exhibit their latest equipment and demonstrate their efficiencies and capabilities. 
    • A mega show that acts as a virtual encyclopedia for the entire industry. 
    • A bright opportunity for technology suppliers and seekers.

    • To promote your latest technologies and services to optimize your return on investment, Algeria ELECTRICITY NORTH AFRICA 2018
      Algeria, although the Mediterranean's largest and second‐largest country in Africa, is in still relatively unexplored market position : As a consequence of the sharp growth of the real estate sector, the demand for electricity and construction products, especially for residential projects and the hospitality segment, is on the increase not only in Algeria also in Sub‐Saharan African countries.
    • To strengthen your network & create new partnerships:

      Localfirms seem unable to satisfy the demand for new modernization by themselves, so authorities are looking abroad.

    • To keep up with your competitors and to stay updated on the market:

      Since 1997, with reconciliation pro‐government, transparent business environment, safe zone and easy and active market phenomenon Algeria is completely ready for the international companies entry to market.

    • To enhance the image and leadership of your company:

      Filling the gap with foreign firms is the logical solution, and in some ways the timing is perfect, says Algerian government authorities.